Bare Motion was created to house all the best healthcare professionals under one roof, so our patients are treated with the perfect, custom solution.

Integrated Health Vision

When people experience neuro-musculoskeletal complaints they often do not know which primary healthcare professional would be able to help and often results in multiple visits to multiple practices, each time not having a clear direction of quite what to expect or which modality is best suited for the complaint presented.

At Bare Motion, our integrated practice enables an individual to present with any neuro-musculoskeletal complaint and be triaged by one of our many primary healthcare practitioners.

From there, the practitioner will then set expectations and ensure that the correct professional, be it a Chiro, Physio, Women’s Health Practitioner, Remedial Sports Massage Therapist, Dietitian, Podiatrist or other provider be appointed to manage the patient through to resolve.

This will often entail collaborating cross-modality to ensure the best patient outcome in the quickest time possible. Along the journey, the patient will be equipped with knowledge and rehab to ensure they can help in their own recovery.

The clinic is fully registered with the Australian Health Professionals Regulation Agency and fully insured and all the team are highly qualified with and certified with appropriate bodies such as the Australian Chiropractic Association, Australian Physiotherapy Association, Australian Natural Therapists Association and Sports Medicine Australia.

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