About The Service

Naturopathy is a complete, holistic approach to health care and combines an array of natural therapies to support healing and to maintain health.   Our naturopath practitioners use scientific evidence and natural remedies to build your immune system and restore the equilibrium of your body so addressing any underlying causes of ill health.

The people of Perth are embracing naturopathy and have come to realise the enormous benefits of using natural therapies to support healing.

Naturopathy combines the science of disease diagnosis with a treatment approach using natural medicines to enhance the body’s natural healing process to restore normal functionality.  Bare Motion has naturopath practitioners who are all highly qualified and experienced and will spend time exploring family and personal history and investigate areas such as sleep, diet, stress levels, hormonal influences and hydration to come up with a personalised program.

As well as taking a proactive approach, our naturopaths can draw up an individual preventative health plan in order to promote future long-term wellness.

Naturopathy can be used on children, adults and the elderly and work alongside traditional medicinal treatment.

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Our Facilities


Rehab Suite

Our health and rehabilitation gym has been specially designed with the needs of our patients in mind. Our physiotherapists and accredited exercise physiologists can develop a program specifically for your requirements so you can work towards recovery quickly, and with little pain.

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Cryo Suite

Cryotherapy is a form of treatment which uses extreme cold for therapeutic effect and is beneficial for those who may have arthritic, musculoskeletal and dermatological conditions as well as ongoing headaches and migraines.

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Consulting Suites

Our modern, state of the art clinic has been recently renovated to provide maximum comfort.  The building has been completely refurbished to ensure all patients have a pleasant experience. Each treatment room is private and sound proof meaning any conversations between clients and therapists are completely confidential.

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